Travel with 100% Spanish!

FAMILY FRIENDLY TRIPS (Bring Your Kids and Grandkids!)

Travel with 100% Spanish, and experience the cultures, colors and flavors with us.  Master Spanish on this one-of-a-kind journey!  We offer you all you could want in a vacation: fabulous accommodations and sites, first class guides and teachers, as well as fascinating, out of the ordinary activities.  The best part of all is that you will see and experience Spanish culture and traditions from an inside perspective all while practicing Spanish with native speakers!  Join us now as this opportunity will not repeat itself!

This is not a typical tour which would normally involve long drives and a different hotel most nights of the tour.  Rather, this tour is designed to be family friendly, focusing on a region of a country.  Guests have less driving and longer stays in their accommodations and they are provided with a more in-depth experience that is  welcoming to families with children.

*You do NOT need to speak Spanish to travel; all guiding and instructions will be in English and Spanish

For more information, or to join us at one of our upcoming info sessions, please call us at 502-214-5966, or email us at