Learning Spanish is more than memorizing words.

It's experiencing a culture!

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We believe that the best way to learn Spanish is by immersing yourself in the language as well as the culture. Our classes give you the opportunity to learn in a space that is designed to feel like a Spanish-speaking country while catering to your current skill level. 

About Us

100% Spanish is locally owned and operated by Paola Moretta Gallagher. Paola is a native Spanish speaker who, over 18 years ago, discovered a passion for helping others learn the language of her country. With an emphasis on face-to-face learning, we have grown from only offering classes, to providing private tutoring, translation services as well as travel opportunities.


3 months


6 months

Purchase something at the market in Spanish

2 Years

Communicate in another country with ease.

If using an app was enough, wouldn’t most of us be speaking Spanish by now?

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years, it’s that learning Spanish with us has a significantly higher success rate than any app has to offer.

100% Spanish

Face-to-face classes

Experience culture in person

Experience culture in person

Take a trip abroad to continue your studies

Offering conversational classes

Using an App

No human interaction

Primarily focuses on word memorization

Lack of accountability

Unable to teach certain levels and dialect


While we work hard to make our learning space feel like you’re in another country, nothing can truly beat the experience of traveling to these places in person. Each year, we take a trip that is open to anyone who is interested. 

To learn more, fill out our trip application! 

Additional Services

Along with our standard classes, we offer a number of other Spanish language services. Whether you are a native Spanish speaker looking to learn English, need documents translated, or are looking for real-time interpretation, we are here to help you.

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