About Us

Based in Louisville, KY, 100% Spanish Language Center was founded by Paola Moretta Gallagher. As a native Spanish speaker, she is perfectly equipped to pursue her passion for teaching the language of her home country to those who want to learn. For the past 18 years, she has stayed faithful to her vision of creating a learning environment that recreates the atmosphere of visiting a Spanish-speaking country.

We teach both children and adults as well as provide more niche services like classes for corporations and ESL courses. 


“What a great facilitator and Instructor. This is not a class but more a group of friends learning Spanish with a Great Teacher. She makes the material easy to understand and learn.”

Donanda Bridges

“Me gusta todo!! I love the lessons, the materials, the conversation. I like everything at 100% Spanish.”

Patricia Haragan

“I like my new friends whom I feel comfortable practicing my Spanish speaking”

Mary Reed

“My Instructor is Amazing! The best teacher I ever had!!”

Jodi Klein

“I love 100% Spanish because they have excellent and patient Teachers.”

Clarence Weather

“My husband and I plan to visit Spain to take part in the Camino de Santiago. We will be walking approximately 500 miles and be in Spain about 6 weeks. I wanted to learn Spanish. I contacted and explained our planned trip to Spain. The next day I began lessons. Hola, gracias and counting to 10 was the only Spanish I knew. 100% SPANISH has been a wonderful experience for me. My teacher has always been friendly with a beautiful smile to encourage me. My instructor is very concerned with my pronunciation and corrects me whenever I make a mistake (which is often) but she is never harsh in her comments. My teacher, being a native Spanish speaker, has provided me with more than language instruction. She has also helped with cultural differences between Latin American countries and Spain. She has stressed foods, restaurant etiquette and hotel knowledge, which is the type of training I was looking for. I will not go hungry in Spain! I look forward to being able to have conversations with the people of Spain. 100% SPANISH has given me the confidence to speak Spanish. Gracias!”

Judy Seelye

“I was a little skeptical about my 3 year old learning Spanish. 100% Spanish came highly recommended and research showed kids at a young age learn a new language easier than older children. We gave it a shot and we love the results! The teacher is so patient and gentle with my son. He is so excited when I tell him it’s time for Spanish class. He is remembering and repeating the words so well. I am glad I didn’t let a little skepticism keep me from allowing my son to experience what will be an important lesson for his future success.”

Nichelle Anthony

“To finish my Master’s program, I had to complete a language proficiency test in which I had to translate an academic journal article from Spanish to English. I had only taken Introductory Spanish classes before meeting with 100% SPANISH, so I needed a lot of assistance. We met weekly for almost two months and my translation skills dramatically improved. 100% SPANISH equipped me with the necessary skills needed for translation. With the help of 100% SPANISH, I passed the exam needed to receive my Master’s Degree.”

Melissa Cline

“I have been coming to 100% SPANISH lessons for two months; I have seen a vast improvement in my conversation skills in a short time! As a mental health provided, I feel it is important to speak Spanish, especially in the county where I work. My interactions with the Spanish – speaking community have become more fluent and comfortable with every passing week. My teacher is very patient and innovative in her teaching style. Since one of my goals is to travel, she also focuses on teaching me very practical skills to enhance my experiences in Latin countries. My teacher is a delightful person, we built a strong rapport quickly; however, she is very firm about always doing your homework!. This is very helpful in keeping me disciplined and motivated. I feel so lucky to have met her- our interactions are enriching my life.”

Dawn H. Corcoran

“I have wanted my son to begin learning a second language for sometime. Spanish was the logical choice because of the changing demographics in the US. I know that speaking and understanding Spanish is a valuable skill.”

Tila Samora

Meet Our Team

Blanca C.

Spanish Instructor
Blanca is from Mexico and has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from La Universidad de Sonora and a Master’s degree in education from El Centro Universitario de Tijuana. She enjoys teaching children and language learners.

Claudia R.

Spanish Instructor
She is an Architect from México. Moved to the United States many years ago and started teaching Spanish at Virginia Chance School, Holy Trinity and loves teaching children.

Daniela A.

English and Spanish Instructor
Studied Communications and Media at the Nayarit University. Has many years of experience Tutoring Children and Adults.

Dona K.

Spanish and English Instructor
As a Spanish Grammar expert she enjoys teaching Spanish to her students all the secrets of the language. She has lived in Guanajuato, México for many years and visited many countries like Ecuador, Spain, etc. She also studied Hindi, German and Italian. She loves traveling, reading and listening to Latin music specially the Mariachi!!!

Fabiola F

Spanish Instructor
She studied Odontology at the Instituto Politécnico Nacional de Mexico and as a native Mexican speaker she loves to teach about her customs and traditions. Everyone is amazed when joining her Conversation class because she goes far and beyond to teach her students about her country!

Jennifer T.

English and Spanish Instructor
She lived in Puerto Rico for several years, travel to Ecuador and many countries where she falled in love with the people, food and culture! Now she shares her experience and knowledge with her students.

Keiver A.

Spanish Instructor
Keiver is from the Dominican Republic and has an education in Software Development and Systems Engineering. He also has several years of experience teaching languages, specializing in ESL programs. He likes technology and meeting people from different cultures.

Michaela A.

Spanish Teacher
Michaela loves home schooling and teaching languages. Her educational background is in Spanish Translation, specializing in medical, legal, literary, and technical texts. She received her bachelor’s degree in Spanish Language and Civilization from Mary Washington College and her master’s degree in Spanish from Kent State University. She has experience studying and teaching in Argentina, Mexico, and Spain. One of her passions is learning and speaking other languages, such as Portuguese and German. Her native language is Slovak.

Patricia O.

Spanish Instructor
She is an Attorney from Perú. When she moved to the United Stated she also studied Earlier Education. She has being teaching for more many year. She enjoys teaching kids and adults as well. Every one loves her classes because she really puts her heart in every lesson.

Tatiana C.

Spanish Instructor
Native from Medellin, Colombia. She has a degree in communication and enjoys sharing her culture, music and language. Her classes are fun and energetic!

Valeria R

Spanish Teacher
Valeria is from Uruguay where she studied Optometry. She moved to Louisville 18 years ago and became a Spanish Specialist working in 100% Spanish since 2013. She has many years of experience teaching children at schools and tutoring. She loves traveling with her husband and 3 daughters.

Yasmina R.

Spanish Instructor
Native from Venezuela is an Attorney. Has travel to many countries and loves teaching Spanish to children and adults because she likes to share her experience with her students.